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join ARMA Team now to be a champion in MMA &UFC

اذهب الى الأسفل

join ARMA Team now to be a champion in MMA &UFC

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Now openning a new branch in the academy ARMA TEAM
to train the sport face of the art MYKUKSOOL to be qualified to participate in compat fights of  MMA & UFC
Amazing new techniques based on the move and surprise the opponent and decisiveness the fight and rapid  throughs ,grabling , breaking  and joking from sudden movements from unknown direction to the oppenent and not known for most of trainers
Moves in the opposite directions to attack the opponent and training on critical strikes directed deductible unexpected, whether by hand or legs or knees and elbows
Reliance on dynamic movement of  striker opponent to influence it and placing it in non-balanced defender always giving you an edge in offensive or defensive during the fight
With many of exercises and secrets own by Arma  Academy


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